Life is a battlefield if you want to be honest. We take our first breath on a journey of ups and downs towards our last. However, when you find yourself in “cave moments” use it wisely. David in the bible found himself fleeing for his life and in a cave with hundreds of broke, tore-up followers. He used his “cave moment” to build up others, to teach them how to fight, and to raise up a mighty army.


During these moments of seemingly being in a cave, I have decided to learn how to be a better me. I’ve decided to build up others the best way I know how.

I have decided to learn how to FIGHT!

I truly believe as a Christian, I am in a spiritual war and God has entrusted me with His word, His anointing and His love to show a broken world there is hope in the person of Jesus Christ.

There is hope for your life.

You are in a cave now but you will come out.

Live and not only exist.

Your life matters and the world is waiting on you.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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  1. Nice! We hear about mountain top experiences, but we do know that sometimes we will have cave moments! Thanks for sharing!

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