My chronicles of life….

I have learned that true freedom comes when one is unafraid to be transparent. My name is Toimiken (Toi) Potts. My parents instilled the love of giving to people by helping them through their rough times. My mom was an example of compassion and grace in all that she did for others. She taught me to seek God in all that I do and gave me a solid foundation for life that has kept me in every season of my life. My daddy showed me how writing allowed me to live a life without boundaries. Writing is an expression of one’s soul which is shared on paper one sentence at a time.

Writing has always allowed me to navigate through life by taking what was on the inside and put it on paper. Black Mama Chronicles is a place where my passion for writing, love of the extra ordinary, finding gems through traveling on a dime, and giving hope to the hopeless come together. My prayer is that you won’t give up and realize that you were created by a God that absolutely loves you beyond measure. Let’s enjoy the journey together.

Much love,

Black Mama

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