Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is not promised, and today just started. All we have is right now. Time is running out and everyday brings us closer to the end of our journey, morbid thought but true. We cannot do anything about our past. The pain and the joy of it are building blocks for a stronger us. We can only plan for the future and hope it all works out the way we would like. All we really have is this moment right now.

Right now, have the courage to love again.

Right now allow yourself to forgive and live free.

Right now overcome the fear and do “it” again.

Right now allow your heart to heal completely.

Right now is all yours to live, so live free.

You have awaken to a new day and into your right now, use it wisely.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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2 thoughts on “RIGHT NOW

  1. I love this❤️ I’m really struggling with living in the NOW!! Looking back at the past as if it dictates my future, thing is the more I look back, the more I let it….

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