For some reason, I have been in tears the last few days with really no explanation as to why. I am a firm believer in dealing with the person in the mirror first and that’s where I started today. Today I realized that my life is moving in a direction that is unknown and unfamiliar. I’M GROWING AND IT HURTS. To admit that this season is stretching my faith and my safety zone. What I mean when I say the safety zone is, I can’t control what is happening in this particular area of my life and it sucks. I have seemingly been in control of most things in my life and liked keeping me under wraps. This particular season requires me to let go of me and trust God. Trust that God is leading me and not my own feelings. Trust that God is speaking and not my own thoughts. Trust in the fact that it’s time to grow whether I want to or not. I sat by the river this afternoon and just allowed the tears to flow without reservation and boy did they flow. I thought about my daddy who passed away years ago and wished I could just fall in his arms and cry uncontrollably and wait for him to say “Princess it’s all going to be ok”. I won’t ever hear him say that again and maybe that’s why I am crying now. They say crying is great for releasing and all that jazz, if that’s true I’m one healthy chicka. I believe that these growing pains will pass and I will be able to look back and say “SHEESH! I AM SO GLAD THAT’S OVER”.

Be encouraged and know that growing pains don’t last always.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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