I recently had a couple of weeks of self-inflicted confusion, anxiety, and just plain mess. I allowed a situation to take precedent over my common sense. Smdh!!! Thank you, Jesus, for allowing me to see where I missed it. I prayed why, why, and why and now I know. This particular situation had a way of repeating itself so I had to ask, what am I doing to myself. The answer was plain as day….. GOD WANTED MY ATTENTION. I can go hard after something when I have a desire for it and that’s not what I should have done. God had shown me a promise and I got temporarily lost in unconscious pursuit of that promise. I should have been continuing my pursuit of God and simply waited on the promise. Oh Lord forgive me AGAIN.

When God shows you a glimpse of what He has coming for you to bring you joy, don’t lose sight of Him. Don’t allow yourself to get off track, continue to pursue God. Strengthen your relationship with Him even more because that very thing that He has promised shouldn’t become more important than…. GOD’S RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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