You finally hit that nerve son. You know the one that got me saying,”The hell with it”. My heart ain’t takin it not another damn day! Ya see, I allowed back you in because this time seemed different. I allowed you back in because maybe just maybe we could make things work.

I allowed you back in and ………

I’m escorting you OUT!

When I’m clear in what I say, know that I mean what I say and I say what I. An ode to me, myself and I.


True love found me in the person of Jesus Christ. He dries my tears and heals my heart. He gives me strength during the darkest times of my life.

Jesus absolutely loves me. (and you too~smile)

I had to switch out on my own damn self and move into a direction of peace, love, and strength. I’m leaving the place of complacency, distress, and self doubt because I’m not going back to what was trying to hold me captive.

I’m telling my story, to help you tell yours……… Wait ya waiting on?


Black Mama

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