2019 here we come!!!

Every year around this time, people tend to set goals, make changes, and embrace the new year. In all honesty, that has been me this entire year. 2018 was a year of growing pains in my life that I needed to face. I grew up socially, financially, and emotionally in certain situations that brought on necessary pain that I could no longer ignore. I thank God for my personal relationship with Jesus Christ because without it, I would not be living today to inspire you.

I have become stronger and wiser this year. I learned to love the real me with no apologies. (God made me this way~lol) This year allotted me the opportunity to experience love all over again, beginning with loving the life that has been given to me. Its been a good year and I’m grateful.

For 2019, my favorite phrase coming out of my mouth will be “because I can”.

I’m exploring the world around me, because I can.

I’m learning a new language, because I can.

I’m getting another tattoo only for my future husband to see, because I can.

Lmbooooooooo ~ I crack myself up.

I’m changing my eye color and ditching the glasses, because I can.

I’m loving people and God more, because I can.

I am living UNAPOLOGETIC for being all that God created me to be for His glory, because I can.

What about you?

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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