As long as I can remember, I was always the oddball. I was never like anybody else. I was (and am) on a ten the majority of the time. I get excited really easy about pretty much all things good. I see the good in everyone. I tend to want to help anyone who is fallen down. I never meet a stranger. I genuinely enjoy life.

I’m just different.

My biggest struggle over the past 10 plus years, was being me. I was being a mom to my children, a friend to my girls, a sis to my brothers at church, and all that jazz. However, I always felt different. I felt like the square peg trying to fit in the round hole. I tend to be caring and giving with no motive whatsoever but people would question why I do what I do all the time.

I began to question myself.

Over the last couple of months, I started to feel more alive for some reason. I began to embrace who I was created to be and how God made me again. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart and I know He absolutely loves me. He is the reason I’m alive and breathing today.(that’s another story)

I am naturally excited about life in general. I light up a room with my presence wherever I go. I love people. I love kids. I love planning. I love sushi. I love hugs. I love encouraging others. I love praying. I love the bible.

I love life.

I am sick and tired of the opinions of others trying to become my reality. I know WHO I am and most importantly I know WHOSE I am. Today I’m continuing to breathe in and out this thing called life. I’m embracing all of who God made me to be. I’m making no apologies for being me.

Can I just be me?


Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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2 thoughts on “CAN I JUST BE ME

  1. …and I love you, SonShine! Beautiful piece!

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