DAY 21

Boy howdy!!!!! These last few days took me through the ringer. I fell of my exercise routine, had a case of depression slip in, and then came to the realization I changed to make other people comfortable.


I was chatting with my God sister and expressed how over the last 20+ years life has been chipping away at my hope, my joy, my fire, and my fight.

I had a rude awakening over the last couple of days and got mad. I got mad at myself and how much I changed from the woman I used to know. I became who others were comfortable with because the person I was made people uncomfortable. I had conformed to the norm without even realizing it. I had to make up my mind to get myself BACK.(trust me when I say “I AM”)

So back on track with my poetry and stay tuned for more to come….. (I write the prompt and you finish in the comments)

I was suffocating from the feelings of despair. Something was draining the very life out of me……..

Much love,

Black Mama



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