Have you ever looked back and thought “Wow! I’m still here!”.

That’s me right here and now(while laying in my bed ~ lol). I was thinking about the struggles I have been blessed to live through, the people who have helped shape my life, and how God has loved me through it all. If you are reading this today, tonight, tomorrow or some time in the future; take a moment and think about how far you have come.

You are a survivor!

You are a winner!


Much love,

Black Mama

p.s. Jesus absolutely loves Him some you!

One thought on “THE VIBE”

  1. This post hits close to home. So much truth in the words “You are a survivor, a winner, and a whole vibe”. It’s a reminder to take a step back and acknowledge the journey we’ve been through and the person we’ve become. Thank you for the reminder to cherish and appreciate our strength and resilience. Sending love.

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