It’s time

I’ve had this blog aka hobby for 6 years now. I’ve changed the name twice. I’ve shut down multiple times. I’ve even got lost in life and stayed away.

It’s my time for real now. I literally struggled as a single mom over the past 20 plus years, losing a part of myself in being present for my children and everyone else. I’m sitting on my comfy chair, eating ruffles with ranch dip, watching movies and it hit me……. What the heck am I doing now?

I don’t have to support anyone but myself.(I do have one at home but he’s in his world of discovery now) I can literally do what I purpose my mind to do.

Do I start a new career?

Do I follow my dreams a travel across the U.S. with my backpack, a camera, and a notebook?

Do I takeover corporate America like a beast and change the game?

Do I just chill get totally debt free, get off the grid and buy some land?

My friends, I’m going to take some time to figure it out and trust me, you’ll be one of the first to know what’s next in this Black Mama’s life.

Keep me in your prayers and I’ll keep you in mine.

Much love,

Black Mama

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