Hello Future Teammates!

My name is Toi Potts and I am the owner of Beautiful Black Cat Publishing in Jacksonville FL. We have been serving single mothers living in poverty for more than 8 years in the Jacksonville community. My company has developed a new kind of self-care and affirmation network that is affordable, effective and we kicked off our “YES YOU CAN” initiative last month. Each participant in our program from different low income communities will become a part of our team thru your donations. 
This membership will teach them their value and ability to come out of poverty. The membership costs each teammate $8.95 annually, which includes weekly affirmation and self-care tips delivered to their inbox every Monday morning.

Here’s where you come in….(smile) We are raising $800 by March 25th to assist with keeping our free workshops and classes that are held in the communities every week throughout Jacksonville free. Our funders(that’s you) will also become our teammates and a part of the “YES YOU CAN” family. All donors will receive a free downloadable copy of the “YES YOU CAN” 5 ways to stay organized guide and become a member of our growing family. In addition you will receive affirmations and self-care tips every week. (we will not overload your email trying to sell you something else-smile)

Thank you in advance and we look forward to telling millions of moms “YES YOU CAN” while affirming the greatness in them.

Thank you for your partnership.


Click link to donate today.

Ms. Toi aka Black Mama
Your #1 Cheerleader

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