The Winner in me


After some deep thought today I realized that even though I have struggled a lot in my life, I’m a winner. When I struggle and continue to get back in the game of life I continue to win. I survived two divorces that let me physically, mentally, and emotionally shot to hell. I have had the blessed struggle to raise three children practically on my own( I do have a support system that’s phenomenal when I ask for help) for the past 20+ years. I could go on and on but I realized how those struggles in my life taught me how to fight and win. Just the fact that I’m writing this and not dead or behind bars for murder is proof of my victory. On the inside I may look like Rocky when he fought Drago but by golly Ms. Molly I win.

We all struggle with one thing or another, just know that if you are still breathing YOU WIN.

Much love,

Black Mama

Photo credit – Cyrus Tookes Photography- Jacksonville FL

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