Dear Reader


Dear Reader,

I saw this quote and just boohoo cried because this is me. I survived childhood secrets. I survived attending a predominantly white high school and being the first African American Homecoming Queen in the history of the school(yeah A LOT of hateraide back then). I survived New York city in the 80’s fresh off the boat from California. I survived domestic violence and a near nervous breakdown. I survived living reckless because I never dealt with the brokenness within. I survived the deaths of my step father and my natural father almost two years apart. I survived being a single mom of 3 for 25+ years. I survived living out other people’s opinions of MY decisions about MY life. I survived. I survived. I survived…….. and now I’m resting for a bit. Last month I put in my resignation from my current job and it brought me to tears. I cried because I love the company and my coworkers to life, however I decided my boys are more important along with my sanity.

As I sit here in my comfy penguin onesie and a bonnet, it dawned on me that I’m in a season of rest, reflection, and renewal. My twin boys graduate in May 2022 and I’m so excited to see them mature into the awesome young men I know they will become. I’m also excited to see how I continue to become as a woman, a friend, and a mother. The unknown can be annoying at times but in this season I look forward to it with faith in my heart. Today I just rest in knowing God loves me, accepts me, and will NEVER leave me.

It’s time to rest & revive

~ Toi Potts

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this journey called life with me. I hope that this post finds you well and know that you are constantly in my prayers.

Much love,

Black Mama

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