Giving birth takes about nine months until what you have been “expecting” comes about. When a woman is pregnant they go through three stages/trimesters of giving birth. In the first trimester, you don’t see any signs of a baby but the symptoms are evident.(nausea, loss of energy, etc.) In the second trimester you begin to see outward signs of what is growing on the inside. (the excitement begins to build) Now folks, in the third trimester the baby growing inside is evident and the woman is ready to push that baby out because of the discomfort, fatigue, and strain it has been on the body.

So what about your dream that is about to be birthed in the earth. What trimester are you in? Are you even pregnant? During September I triple dog dare you to dream again and allow the seed of faith to impregnate you with a new vision to begin again.

PUSH! Even though it hurts. It’s only temporary.

PUSH! Your dream is about to manifest and change the world.

PUSH! Because what’s inside of you will bring you great joy!

Much love,

Black Mama

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