Hrs, Days, Months and Years…… By David H.

Oh how time goes, sometimes like the flash of a camera. So many things, people and events can pass you right by without you ever noticing.

Every day social media takes place, chats notes and whatever may, just a few of the things that happen day to day, month to month and year in and year out.

Have you ever thought about the many people you keep in touch with, you’re related to? In all this time and fellowship with so many others how often do you reach out to those you love, you grew up with that are your own flesh and blood? So amazing how so many families don’t keep in touch with each other on a regular basis only when uncontrollable events occur.

Y wait to just say hey, or peek a boo or even send a smile to say I’m thinking of you and letting you know all is well here?
Y is it so difficult for families to reach out to one another but no problem with others they don’t know?

Love one another today, tomorrow and every:
Hr, day, month and year

Time is always ticking,

My friend gave me permission to post his work. The questions are relevant, the topic is deep, and let’s take a pause to reflect.

Much love,

Black Mama

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