I had enough, I had to leave. I needed to break free from living in the shadows. The life of comparison to what I was not had gotten to much for me to handle.

I was done.

I plotted.

I planned.

I escaped.

For once in my life I felt free to live my life and not the one others thought I should live. The question was; were would I go? What would I do? Who was I really?

I plotted.

I planned.

I escaped.

The funny thing was I ended up in someone else’s story. The story they wrote for me at the time. I was trying to always be what “they” wanted me to be but inside I longed to be free.

Decades later in front of a screen, I chose to stop running, stop plotting my escape.

I chose to be me in the here and now.

Much love,

Black Mama

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1 thought on “18

  1. THEMomNurseFashionista September 18, 2021 — 2:52 pm

    Love it!!! And loved your post card! ☺️☺️☺️☺️


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