I’m human darn it!


I did it.

I said it.

I got pissed off and went off.


Why is it so hard for people to understand when YOU blow it that you are human? Some people hold others to a high standard and when we don’t live up to their standard or fall short;we are sent straight to hell.

Well, listen here my loves…..

Live your freaking life the best way you know how. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Forgive others AND yourself. Give your dash all that you have because when you take your last breath, there is no coming back. Life is to precious for division and unforgiveness.

You who are WITHOUT fault cast the first stone………… I thought so.

Much love,

Black Mama

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1 thought on “I’m human darn it!

  1. THEMomNurseFashionista April 9, 2021 — 9:00 pm

    Yes, that part!


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