I’m going to Iceland!!!

Yes, yes, yes, I put my deposit down and getting ready to take my first solo trip out of the country. I made a decision to focus on my love of travel, writing and people by stepping out of my comfort zone. This is a journey of freedom and liberation. I made the choice for ME and me only.

Why Iceland?

I chose Iceland because of the Northern Lights and their beauty. I decided to do what I’ve always wanted to without apologies. There are so many people who will question my plans but ask me if I care, lol.

This journey will liberating.

This journey will be scary.

This journey is my journey of life.

I can’t wait to take you with me.

Much love always,

Black Mama Chronicles

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4 thoughts on “THE ROAD TO ICELAND

  1. Oh that is so great. I wish you lived close to me so I could have a travel buddy. I have never been brave enough to go alone.

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    1. I’m going with EF Tours. The have groups of about 20 adults that travel. Check out EF Go Ahead Tours

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      1. Great, post lots of pics.


      2. I will look into that travel company as well. Thank you.

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