I am a person who seems to have been born to encourage others. I can remember in high school wanting my friends to always have a good day. Being that ear or shoulder they needed. Hmmm maybe that’s why being a cheerleader was so much fun. Lol.


Recently, I have had random friends out the blue encourage me right when I needed it. Mostly it would be a text or inbox message to encourage my heart. Just yesterday my son called me just to see how I was doing (my heart melted), I believe this is my season of reaping what I’ve sown. People need people and that’s a known fact. In today’s climate we need to encourage each other and we need to be encouraged.

I challenge you today to encourage someone different each day for the next week. Take a minute to send a text, inbox a friend or just do something to make someone else’s day.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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