I remember as a kid I was always doing something different. I was head cheerleader, student body vice president, ran track, played the violin, move away from home , lived in the NYC, the Chi, and now in Jville. I didn’t like being bored with life, I always wanted something new.


This is my honest moment, where I can share the insight I got today while hanging out at the beach early in the morning on Mother’s Day. God brought me to a place in my life where I needed to stop running.

Running from my past.

Running from my mistakes.

Running from the expectations of other.

Just plain running….

I realized that over the past 18 years I have slowly died to the need for something else. I am content with my life. I am content with my successes and my struggles. I am content in who I am. I have learned to breathe again.

When you slow down and just reflect you can see the beauty of the struggle. You can appreciate the journey. Most of all you can love who you’ve become.

Be still and know…….

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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