A story of love and healing

Last week I stopped by Little Caesar’s to get some pizza pizza for my fellas for dinner, I noticed the employee had this ink “Heaven Got a Ghetto”, I was like and it’s the most expensive Ghetto too. Lol

As I waited,I thought it would be cool to blog about a Ghetto in Heaven but I needed that pic. When I asked if I could use it, he gave me the back drop to the ink. His son’s mom died in a car crash and he was the driver.( I almost cried when he told me) He began to explain what happened but all I heard was the love he had for her and one day they would meet again.

The cute munchkin is their son and just to hear the passion in his voice was so touching. In life things happen to show us who we are and what were made of. Clearly this young man is a fighter and understands the fragility life holds. Healing takes time and I believe one day he’ll understand the purpose for the pain.

Take today to embrace today. Forgive quickly and don’t waste time on things you can’t control. I believe Heavens Got a Ghetto and love reins supreme in it.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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