Sometimes we just talk to much.

Silence is golden is a saying to live by most of the time. We don’t always have to have an opinion, a answer, a voice, or a comment about a situation. I was recently thinking about how the children of Israel on the last day of circling the city of Jericho were commanded to keep silent. They didn’t say a word, not a peep, nor a stutter. Can you imagine how their enemy must have felt when they couldn’t figure out what was going to happen next because Israel stayed quiet?

What about us? What if we didn’t always tell what God has put in our hearts but kept silent?

What if we sat and just kept quiet? How much could we hear and understand?

What if when someone did us wrong we didn’t even acknowledged it with our words?

……… I know for me, its time to be quiet and wait on God. I truly believe God fights for His own and He is about to show the world how powerful He is. If you are a Christian, be still, be quiet, and let God fight for you.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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