Goooood morning my lovelies!!!

I have the pleasure of sharing and inspiring the world every day through my blog. Currently I am blessed to have reached 36 different countries from across the globe. Single parents face the same challenges and successes no matter where we live and my hope is to encourage as many single parent as possible. This episode is all about what we live for as single parents(or at least I do).

Remember that cute picture of your child when they had no teeth or what about the video of them in the school play. Well I lived for the day when mine got older when I can share it with the world and …..laugh my butt off.


You though I was going to get all deep and sentimental? Off course not. Lol

Enjoy the podcast and lighten up, life is way to short.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast:

Parents live for moments like these.

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