Life is so precious. It breeds lesson upon lesson. It’s made up of layers upon layers, that we must have the courage to face. For the last couple of months, I have literally been internally struggling with a situation. This particular situation stirred up some deep wounds that weren’t fully healed. When I was a teenager someone I looked up to broke my trust and I never fully recovered. The hurt was still there when I took a minute to ask God what was wrong with me. He showed me that I had to forgive completely and give Him my wounds. I needed to let it go and trust Him. As a Christian, we learn to trust God more and more each day. This particular situation was hindering me from fully trusting God in a current situation.

I wanted to be free

After confessing my sin of not forgiving those that hurt me, I felt the peace of God in my heart……A weight was lifted. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been, forgive those who have hurt you. I truly believe that I can continue to live free because I trusted God enough to help me.

What weight are you carrying?

Do you need to forgive and let it go?




Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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