Little girl, little girl wanna play hide and seek?

Seems like I was playing that game for a minute by my damn self. I hid the person I loved to fit the mold of others for years. I was the mom. I was the church sister. I was the friend. I was the good worker. I was everything but me. Years ago when I relocated from California to New York to live with my dad, I slowly lost who I was. Ya see in high school I was fearless. If you said I couldn’t, I did it just to say..”Now what punk”. Lmbo. I struggled through set backs, trauma, rejection, and so much more. My life was being taken from me faster than I care to admit.

Life has a way of really taking a toll without you even knowing it. I sit here on the verge of tears because I desperately want to live again. I want to unapologetically live my life like never before and I’m starting today.

Lil girl, Lil girl, do you wanna play hide and seek? Hell no because I’ve already found myself and I ain’t hiding no more!!!!

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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3 thoughts on “FINDING ME

  1. I love this. We do give up ourselves for all the wrong reasons.

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  2. TPott you inspire me to share my story call…Little Girl Lost thank you for being transparent and keeping it 💯


    1. Well well well neanlouise what ya waiting on. Keep it 💯 and tell that story.


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