Its been cray crazy busy in my world. This summer has been full of homeschooling, work and writing. I’m sitting at the zoo waiting for this parent meeting to start and I was like ” What the ham”! I have not reached out to my peeps. When I thought of you guys the title just bursted in my head. Or maybe it was the fact that this mint tastes like chicken.(I’m hungry for real)

Any who, I know many of you have something you have been desiring to do but for some reason you haven’t started. What the ham are you waiting on? Time what’s for NO ONE and it’s you’re time to shine baby. Dust off that project and get at it. Write that book! Start that dance class! Hit the gym!(again~lmbo)

Whatever it is GO HEAD AND GETTER DONE!!


Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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I absolutely love putting it in writing! When I write I release a part of me that was hidden from the world. For years I would only write to help me navigate through this thing called life, however, writing has become my closest friend. I am a self-published author with a desire to help people know there is always HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope to live another day, and HOPE TO KNOW LIFE DOES GET BETTER. To my readers, I say "Live FREE and Die WELL" (Quote from the Rock in the movie Scorpion King~lol). Hope is always found in letting go.

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