I got this picture from my timeline on Facebook and it is so so true. Timing is everything. We can desire to have something, however if the timing is wrong, it could end up to be our worst nightmare. For example, someone could desire to get married but if they aren’t ready or prepared for it, they will most definitely end up in divorce court. You can’t rush the process, you must allow time to take its course.

Time is a beautiful thing!

If you are struggling right now, ask yourself, am I struggling against timing.

Is it the right time for this relationship?

Is it the right time to change jobs?

Is it the right time for this move?

Stop and think about it and follow peace. Most of the time we really just need to be patient.

Ouch! I know I hit a nerve but it was necessary. Take a step back, let patience do it’s thing and in the right time everything will come together.

Ask me how I know?

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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