Finally, my heart smiles again

Maaaan, this has been a long time coming and it feels great. On this journey called life we all have experienced highs and lows. However, when was the last time you did a “heart check”? Not going to the doctor and getting hooked up to a machine but rather going to your mirror to see what’s going on inside.

While sitting in my car waiting to deal with a situation, I feel good. I feel like my life was back and fear is continually leaving.


I smiled for no apparent reason and it felt good.

It felt strong.

It felt real.

Learning to be transparent and open for total strangers is hard but its worth it every time. Being able to share my struggles and triumphs, so others can have hope, has helped me grow tremendously. I smile because I know where I’ve come from, I know where I am, and I know who holds my future.

Life is to be lived.

Seize your moment and smile.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

sn- I swear that girl in the picture could be my twin!!! Lmbo

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