Why are you always so happy?

You’ll never be head cheerleader.

Don’t expect to be homecoming queen because your black.

Why do you give so much money to the church, you should be doing something else?

You never get upset about anything?

Why are you always so excited about nothing?

The questions people have asked me, have become my doubts…………..

I have literally become intentional about facing my fears and my demons that have plagued my life for decades. I attended a predominantly Caucasian high school and when someone said I shouldn’t or couldn’t do something, I did. I was the First African American head Jr. Varsity and Varsity cheerleader every year I tried out. I was the First African American Student body Vice President. I was also the First African American Homecoming Queen in the history of our school.

As a 18yr old young lady, when I came into a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, my enthusiasm in giving and serving was ALWAYS questioned by other members of the body of Christ.(go figure) As I grew up into young adulthood, my personality would offend others and I slowly began to doubt who I was created to be. Over time, the trauma and struggles of my life also began to weigh me down….


God in such a loving way has began to help me regain what I lost. I am who GOD says I am. I can do what GOD said I can do. In short folks, I refuse to die. I refuse to doubt my abilities any longer by allowing what others have said or done to me, hinder my life. I remember the teenager who took risks, faced every challenge with courage, and loved everybody she met(no matter who they were).

The little girl is grown now and its her time to shine




Yal three ninjas ain’t killing me!!!!!

My dear reader, face your fears, crush the doubt, and BELIEVE IN WHO YOU ARE.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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