Broken but I still hear the music…

This little music box has a story to tell. It was a gift from my Daddy and I remember the day he gave it to me like it was yesterday. It was a special moment in my life because I looooooove stuff like this and he knew it. I posted this picture on my social media with the following caption…

My daddy gave this to me 17yrs ago before he passed away. Even though it’s broken, I can still hear the music. #missthatman #itsthelittlethings #alwaysdaddysgirl

Then it dawned on me, how many of us are broken but we still continue to make music with our lives. Even though there are areas in us that need work, we still keep moving forward.

We get up and push on with passion.

We love our families and friends.

We dream and work towards making our dreams reality.


The music of life continues even in our brokenness.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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