I have gotten to the point in my life where it is not an issue to be transparent. I have no skeletons in my closet because skeletons are just dead things that have no power. I am currently learning to handle my emotions however when I see or come in contact with a two faced, slimy person who I know is not right, THAT’S A STRUGGLE. When you know a person…… Ok let me make it plan. When a woman is being slick and she thinks or acts like she can be slick with no conviction, it gets under my skin. I know that God says to pray for them, I do. I know we who are mature should help them, I have tried. But when I can see someone being manipulative and messy under the facade of “ministry”, it just does something to me.

This morning, Judas came to mind. Jesus hand picked Judas to be a part of his inner circle on purpose. Judas had an assignment and Jesus knew what it was when he chose him. If Judas didn’t do his part, Jesus would not have been crucified and the souls of mankind would be on their way to a devils hell.


Before I wrote this blog I was hot and disgusted at some folks but now I understand that they play a part in the big picture. My part is to stay focused just like Jesus and finish what I am called to do. Even though Jesus knew exactly what Judas was doing and would do, He stayed focused on the joy that was set before Him and endured the cross.

That joy was us…..

Stay focused to what you have been called to do.

Don’t allow Judas to make you get off track.

Understand that God knows, sees, and hears all.

His plan is so much bigger, just remain faithful and focused.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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2 thoughts on “JUDAS IS NECESSARY

  1. YES! He makes no mistakes! I’m loving your growth!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a bunch. We are in YouTube also The Potts Clan Channel is funny.


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