To see me, you would never know the fight I’m in and that’s cool. I am in the process of becoming all that God has desired me to be. Hidden battle scars of the heart from direct hits gone by are a constant reminder of the strength inside me. Ya see, people really DON’T know me and I really want to say, “Looka here, I ain’t the one to try like that”. I’m loving myself more which allows me to see situations and people differently on so many levels. Because I love me, I chose to no longer react in my emotions, instead I’ll take a step back. Because I love me, I look at ignorant folks with compassion instead of letting them get under my skin. Because I love me some me, I laugh a whole lot a certain situations that show up in my life.

Today take a step back and breathe. Look at who you’ve become and rejoice in the fact that you’ve changed. People will be people and that’s the jist of it.

If you’ve been through some things in life that should have taken you out, chill because you’re stronger,wiser, and better off than you think.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat



I absolutely love putting it in writing! When I write I release a part of me that was hidden from the world. For years I would only write to help me navigate through this thing called life, however, writing has become my closest friend. I am a self-published author with a desire to help people know there is always HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope to live another day, and HOPE TO KNOW LIFE DOES GET BETTER. To my readers, I say "Live FREE and Die WELL" (Quote from the Rock in the movie Scorpion King~lol). Hope is always found in letting go.

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