Last night at church the part of the message that stuck with me was, God work on me, not them. I have a situation right now where someone close to me has hurt me to the core, again. I’ve been praying ,”Lord show them what their doing”, Lord work on them, etc etc. I believe God is working on me and my relationship with Him through this situation.

When I heard the message that part stood out and STUCK. How many times do we focus on others when they hurt us, instead of looking at ourselves and changing. I tell me children to always start in the mirror when you have a issue of any kind. However once you look, you need to do something.

Never expect different results doing the same thing, that’s called insanity.


Easier said than done I know but we have to see ourselves worth the struggle. Its time for a new you.

Dear God,

My prayer today is simple. Work on me, not them.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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1 thought on “WORK ON ME, NOT THEM

  1. So true. I’m so glad God is so merciful, full of grace. I ask Him to work on me each day so there is no need for major construction later. 🙂

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