When your daughter sends you a song, your life starts to have a deeper meaning. My only daughter sent me this video on a day I was just being me and it blew my mind away. To all the mamas out there wondering if your example matters, it does. Your children hear your actions more than your words. Be the person you want them to echo. Take care of yourself because you’re the only mama they have.

You are the only one God trusted to be their mama, don’t take it lightly. You have been given the responsibility to shape the future. Your mistakes are forgiven, get up and keep moving forward. You are a jewel that is priceless.

Look in the mirror and see strength.

Look in the mirror and see beauty.

Look in the mirror and see love.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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5 thoughts on “MAMA

  1. Beautiful. Lord help us as women to move out of our own way that we might. Not just read this message but walk in it amen

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  2. Powerful! I know that it had to have blown you away, because it sure did me! God bless you and your lovely daughter! I am so proud of you! Much love beautiful black cat!

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