Finding your WHY and living your DASH

I can’t believe its only January 11th, it feels like it should be February already. Lol. I’m not trying to rush things, it just seems as if life is moving faster than normal. Since its the beginning of the year and we have a new start, I wanted to ask you some questions.

What are you hoping for?

What is the “why” of your life.

What I mean by “why” is, what drives you? What gives you the energy to get up in the morning? What are you living for? When we take our first breath, it begins a journey to our last. Hence, our “dash”. On every tombstone there is the day someone was born and the day they left this life. When I tend to think about the people I loved who have died, I focus on their “dash” and how they lived. I look at the joy they experienced and how they handled the pain on their journey in life. This allows me focus on my own life and keep things in perspective. Our journey is full of highs and lows however we are the ones who determine how we deal with them. One way to do that is to find our “why” so we can live and not simply exist in our “dash”.

My challenge to you today is to find your own why? Search your heart and reignite your passions. Allow your gifts and talents to flow so you can live brand new today in your dash.

The world is waiting on you.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat



I absolutely love putting it in writing! When I write I release a part of me that was hidden from the world. For years I would only write to help me navigate through this thing called life, however, writing has become my closest friend. I am a self-published author with a desire to help people know there is always HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope to live another day, and HOPE TO KNOW LIFE DOES GET BETTER. To my readers, I say "Live FREE and Die WELL" (Quote from the Rock in the movie Scorpion King~lol). Hope is always found in letting go.

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3 thoughts on “Finding your WHY and living your DASH”

  1. My “why” seems to change from season to season. When my children were younger, I wanted to live at least long enough to see them as adults. So I would say I wanted to wake up to raise them to be Godly. Now that they are adults, I want to live to see them continue to honor God and live lives pleasing unto Him.

    I want to be a blessing to others. As I wake up in the morning, I often ask God to use me for His Glory to bless someone. So consequently, I say God is my “why”. Without Him, there would be no reason or way to wake up and get out of bed.

    Thank you for such a thought provoking question.

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