The Rocky in YOU

I am a lover of all things Rocky Balboa . As long as I can remember I loved watching every single Rocky movie. Rocky was an underdog who became a champ. (sounds like someone I know ~lol) However in one movie when he reached the top, he got comfortable, and was challenged and lost.

That’s the story of life I believe. We are all underdogs in one way or another fighting for our shot. We have a small, very small circle of people who believe in us and we fight. We fight every day for something.

We fight for our sanity.

We fight for our families.

We fight to be ourselves.

We fight.

Just like in every Rocky movie,even though he gets beat down, HE ALWAYS GETS BACK UP. That’s what makes him a winner. The spirit of a winner is one that always gets back up. If certain things in life have beaten you down, GET BACK UP.

I know you can do it because just like in the movies, the music has started and its your time to kick some butt.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat


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