You are stronger than you think. Your past is over and your future is waiting on you. Fear can no longer be your closet friend. You are absolutely loved by God.

Dear Lord,

I pray for my readers today. I ask that you would calm every fear. I ask that you heal every pain. Lord please give them the strength to live this life. Remind them who they are. Help them face the mirror and know they are looking at a miracle. I ask that you send them a love sign to show them you care.

Thank you Daddy God for them. Thank you for their life. Thank you for keeping them through those terrible days. Thank you for blessing me with people who read what You have given me to write. Lord continue to give them breath and life. I believe and call it done in THE MATCHLESS NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.


Praying for you today.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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4 thoughts on “PRAYING FOR YOU TODAY

  1. AMEN! This was much needed this morning! Thank you for your obedience!

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  2. I’m grateful for your prayer and “Remind them who they are” captured my attention. When I read that, this thought went through my mind, “You are my daughter and that will never change.” Bless you!

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