No peaking……

Have you ever had a time in your life when someone said, “Close your eyes”? Maybe it was a special occasion where you were getting a surprise or something.

For some odd reason, I get these inspired thoughts while brushing my teeth. (Random-I know. Lol) Anywho, I closed my eyes and saw myself doing what I love, on a plane going over the clouds writing. I have this dream to inspire the world through my writing and its like every time I close my eyes I see that dream fulfilled. When we close our eyes, the things surrounding us disappear and we can focus.

Today I want you to find a quiet place for about 5 minutes and close your eyes. When you do, focus on what makes you have joy unspeakable.

Focus on the good.

Focus on your dreams.

Focus on where you want to be and shut everything else out.

When you open your eyes, get moving because it won’t happen unless you put the work in. Lol. If life seems to get overwhelming, take some time to just




Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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(Yal know that puppy pic was just tooo cute, huh~lol)

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