Well, well, well…. Today is no different, right? Did you wake up to the same struggles from yesterday? Does it seem like your life is on a constant pause and no change is in sight? My God, My God, there is a shift coming and YOU are the deciding factor.

I have realized that it really comes down to perspective and discipline. Hear me out….. If I wake up to my negative situations and see them as such, I will most definitely be in a negative state of mind. However, if I wake up and see those same negative situations but saw them as learning tools to make me better, WALLA, a shift has come. Look for the good in all things. Trust me it can be done, my friend.

No one said it would be easy. Life is full of hills and valleys. Good times and bad times. Crooked, confusing roads and straight and simple ones. We are the ones who need to DECIDE how to walk through it.

Going from death to life about your situations boils down to which one you want to experience.

Choose LIFE! Praying for you dear reader. You’re not alone and God has a GREAT plan for your life.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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