The power of THE MIRROR

During my moment of peace and quiet, I was just walking through my apartment thanking God for a lot of things. I stood in front of my mirror looking at myself and thought, “mirrors are so powerful”. (Thus the blog~lol)

I remembered a time where I didn’t look at myself in THE MIRROR at all. I just got up, showered, got dressed and moved right along. I didn’t like what I saw in THE MIRROR in that season of my life. I saw pain and hopelessness. I saw defeat and struggle. I saw death. It was a pretty low time in my life. As I struggled through this season, I ended up going to live with my grandmother in Chicago. As soon as I got there, she prayed with me, then took me to this huge mirror in her living room. I remember standing in front of this mirror and her making me look at myself.

I was broken.

I was forced to look at the reality of where I truly was in my life.


When you look in the mirror you see the truth. THE MIRROR doesn’t lie and it’s up to us to accept and deal with the truth we see. Take some time and stand in front of your mirror today. Be courageous enough to change what you can and be free. THE MIRROR has so much power that no one can deny.

Mirror, mirror what do I see? Another one of God’s miracles looking back at me.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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