Don’t pursue, PREPARE


I woke up this morning with you on my heart. I cried and I prayed as I thought about my single ladies. So often being a single lady is a difficult journey because we don’t know how to be/live by ourselves. We live our life searching for the perfect man for us. We live in fantasies of a romantic courtship, a royal wedding , and marital bliss. Don’t get me wrong you can dream but that shouldn’t be your sole focus.

Men are pursuers, the live for the hunt but unfortunately we as women have forgotten how to be pursued. Let me shed some light from my life. I remember when I was single years ago ( its been a long journey ~LMBO) and I had just survived a mentally and physically abusive situation. At that time in my life I was literally feeling myself and no one could tell me nuthin. (grammar doesn’t count) When I went to the club I was on the hunt. No man was off limits. If I saw what I wanted, I normally got it. In short, I was broken and jacked up without even realizing it. Being on the hunt gave me a sense of control and security. I felt protected (isn’t that what a man is supposed to do-like I said, jacked up) and I thought I was ok.

I wasn’t.

I needed to learn how to love myself enough to be by myself. I had to learn to stay focused on my purpose and goals without being in a relationship.

I need a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Because of Gods unwavering love for me, He has allowed me to be single for 20 plus years. My single journey has allowed me to grow up and realize I needed time to PREPARE.

Preparing for a lifelong commitment doesn’t happen overnight. It takes work and the ability to wait. In your single journey take time to get you together. Improve your credit, save some money, volunteer, get in shape and do it because you want to be the best version of you, PERIOD.

If you have a desire to get married, God gave it to you. However, I don’t believe He would prepare a son He loves beyond measure for a women who isn’t ready. Don’t focus on HOW LONG LORD, HOW LONG….Focus on thank you for the time to get prepared for your gift of marriage.

I love you ladies and my prayer is that you prepare for your future and prepare for yourself.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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