Crime, abuse, violence, hatred.

This is what seems to have become the norm in the world today. No matter where you turn, all you see is bad news. People aren’t nice to each other like they used to be and its really getting under my skin.

My daddy would encourage me to be the change I wanted to see. He challenged me to take risks and learn from my mistakes. My mom would speak words of hope and life to me as a young woman that kept me sane. I decided to start a movement to inspire the world. I want to encourage people to love again, to have hope, to know that they can make it and to inspire others.

All it takes is an act of kindness, a hug , an encouraging text to change a persons life. Today inspire someone. Today just be nice. Today spread some joy. Today join the #inspiretheworld movement and change someone’s life forever.

Text the word heartsessions to 31996 to join in.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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