Recently I was listening to a friend who really wanted to be married. She talked about having a man caterer to her every whim. She talked about how her wedding would be and of course the honeymoon. In my head I was like, “Lord have mercy you’re going to be in for a rude awakening”.

Years ago that was me, I fantasied about this gorgeous wedding with all my family and friends. I knew he would propose in the most romantic way that would make a grown man cry and don’t even let me talk about the honeymoon. Lmbo!!! Then reality set in and I realized I was wanting my idea of marriage. The idea of marriage focuses on the heart melting, gooshy, gooey romantic stuff, when that’s not marriage at all.

Marriage is work!

There is no other way to explain it to you. Marriage is giving up yourself to build another person up for the rest of your life. Marriage was designed by God so that His glory can be shown in the earth. Marriage is not something you go into lightly either. Marriage is a beautiful thing and I believe it’s worth the work also. I’ve seen the benefits of marriage in couples that are in my life that I look up to.

I wanted to share this morning to dispel the idea of marriage that so many people have(especially women). Before you go dress shopping, make sure you buy a book on how to be a wife or husband. Before you plan on who will be in your wedding party, decide which friends will be there when the going gets rough. If the thought of building someone else up for the rest of your life doesn’t appeal to you, (while you make sure your are growing as well) you might want to wait until you’re really ready.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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1 thought on “THE IDEA OF MARRIAGE

  1. I truly believe (having not been married), if both people put God first, then it can be very beautiful! I believe if God is first, there will be times when we must build each other up. This could make a great discussion! I love it! Thanks for sharing!


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