Sharing is caring, always. Yesterday was an emotional day for me that was filled with highs and lows. I had to help a little girl keep her hope; because her family situation is really jacked up. I was able to cheer on one of my goddaughters as she published her first book. I was able to encourage a single mom expecting her second baby to hang in there. The final bomb was I listened to a new mom who explained the trauma that she and her mom went through the exact same way. I really had “one of those days” and came home, curled up in bed, cried, and fell asleep.

What I am humbled about is the fact that God trusts me with HIS Light to bring to the world. That’s deep right there. Having His love and compassion flowing through me is just amazing to this little lady right here.

Even though I crawled up in a fetal position last night, I STAND TODAY.

I stand for my children

I stand for my neighborhood

I stand for my city

I stand for my family(natural and spiritual)

I stand praying for the hopeless

I stand taking my place as a daughter of the Most High God

I stand with joy

I stand forgiving as well as being forgiven

I stand in unconditional love

I stand in the power of the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST

I stand, I stand, I stand!

Today is a good day, what are you standing for?

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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1 thought on “I STAND, WILL YOU?

  1. Beautiful! I stand for love, peace and happiness! I stand for joy!


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