Recently I was urged to rethink some friendships aka male friends. Lmbo!! I am notorious for giving ringtones and hashtags to my friends etc. but I realized I’m on a journey towards my “forever relationship “. A journey of becoming a better me for us and for myself.

I started cleaning up and out my phone a while ago. My thought process was, if I was in a relationship how would my sweetie pie feel? Well, if it was me hearing the ringtones and seeing the hashtags, I would not be to thrilled. Lol. So the clean up began and I feel like, maaaan my future is gonna be awesome! What I mean is, don’t wait til you are in a relationship to respect your partner, do it now. Carry yourself as if you already have that special person. Stop being needy. Become a better you. Work on your own baggage so they won’t have to carry to much. Lol. Don’t open yourself up to emotions or triggers that may hurt in the long run. Live your future now, so when it comes you’ll already be ready.

Dear future,

I live as if you are with me now. You won’t have to second guess my love because I’ve already been preparing for you. You’re worth it even before I know who you are…….. (sound a lot like God, but I won’t go there~lol)

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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I absolutely love putting it in writing! When I write I release a part of me that was hidden from the world. For years I would only write to help me navigate through this thing called life, however, writing has become my closest friend. I am a self-published author with a desire to help people know there is always HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope to live another day, and HOPE TO KNOW LIFE DOES GET BETTER. To my readers, I say "Live FREE and Die WELL" (Quote from the Rock in the movie Scorpion King~lol). Hope is always found in letting go.

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