Today has been a roller coaster for me. Trying to get through the work day and help others when you need help yourself is hard. My daddy passed away years ago and normally it doesn’t get to me as much. During my lunch, I kept asking myself, “what makes today so different “. I went through grief counseling a while ago and I understand the process, so what was really the issue?

It hit me like a ton of bricks! First, thanks for taking the time to share in my struggle, means a lot. I have been single for a loooong time and marriage was not something I desired anymore, however for the last 8 months it has been in my thought process more than I would like. What hit me was, if and when I seriously decided to get married, my Daddy won’t be there. SUCKS!!!! At this point in time of my life, things are going so great, it’s ridiculous and my Daddy isn’t here. He’s not here to see his granddaughter grow up to be a beautiful young woman. He’s not here for his grandsons to rack his brain about everything under the sun. The reality of him not being here to watch in Gods perfect love find me hit me in the gut……HARD!

Now that I know the root of the issue, I can navigate through the tears, as they are many. Food for thought… We live to ultimately die. When that time comes make sure you lived your life well.


Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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