Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? …….Silence. You stand in front of the mirror asking, who am I? Years ago I would tell my daughter to always start with the person in the mirror when challenges would come. Recently, I have been really looking at the person in my mirror a lot lately and OH MY LORD! I must say the I am the fairest one of all because I am purposefully pursuing to become a better me. Lol.

My question to you is, what’s stopping you? What’s stopping you from receiving love? What is holding you captive from moving past the pain? Today I challenge you to find out.

You can’t be any good to anyone if you are not whole. Whether a spouse, child, friend, or co-worker they need a better you. Shoot! You need a better you.

So Run!

Run towards your tomorrow

Run towards you healing

Run towards a better you because the world needs what you have to give.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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I absolutely love putting it in writing! When I write I release a part of me that was hidden from the world. For years I would only write to help me navigate through this thing called life, however, writing has become my closest friend. I am a self-published author with a desire to help people know there is always HOPE. Hope for a better tomorrow, hope to live another day, and HOPE TO KNOW LIFE DOES GET BETTER. To my readers, I say "Live FREE and Die WELL" (Quote from the Rock in the movie Scorpion King~lol). Hope is always found in letting go.

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