There is a passage in the bible where Jesus is asking His disciples “How long have I been with you? ” He was referring to their lack of faith. I was thinking this morning about Jesus asking the Body of Christ the same question today. (Me included) I can imagine Jesus trying to help us understand the power and authority we have as His disciples to live in victory EVERY DAY. We chose to be frustrated. We chose to live depressed. We chose to focus on the bad instead of the lesson being taught. How long will it take for us to snap out of it? How long before we embrace the love God has for us? How long before we see others as God sees them? How long will we be selfish in our prayers when the world around us is going to hell? How long?

Let’s start today and change the direction of our thinking, our prayers, and our lives.

God absolutely loves you.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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