Today is a new day filled with possibilities. My Daddy would say that every day before he passed away in 2002. I miss him a lot but I understand why he had to leave me and I’m good.

Sometimes our choices leave us to live with regrets. Regrets of not raising our children “better”. Regrets of losing a love and having to live through the process of having your heart heal. Regrets of poor choices in life

Regret can hold you captive if you allow it to. Take a moment and stare the regrets of your past and present smack dab in the face, now say this out loud… ” I chose not to regret and I chose to live.” Live knowing you did your best. Live understanding no one is perfect. Live in forgiveness because there is true freedom in forgiveness. Live with the hopes that love will find you in due time. Live. Live. Live.

God absolutely loves you.

Much love,

Beautiful Black Cat

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